25 October, 2020
Guide Fari

My week in music (Sunday 25 October)

A link to the Spotify playlist.

The first half of the week was spent out & about (chores🙄), so I only really started 'crate digging' mid week. Without much of a chance to do too much digging, I found myself leaning on a lot of the sounds produced & curated by BOP.

BOP - Punk's Not Dead: Ambient Rework🔗

ambient opening/closing
BOP - Punk's Not Dead: Ambient Rework Two noteworthy tracks from this album for me, Extra Eye (feat Elsa Esmeralda), & Odd Meaning(first track in this mix).

Microfunk Podcast 10: Bop, Nuage, Dissident & Microfunk Crew [2017] 🔗

minimal dnb liquid funk

I actually started the week by playing all 5 of his albums back to back, and by the end, I was still in the mood for some BOP. That's when I went out and started looking for some of the mixes I've enjoyed over the years, and this all really shaped my playlist for the rest of the week.

Some noteworthy tracks from the mix:

moving on..

Thomas Fehlmann - Löwenzahnzimmer 🔗

techno thick bass
Thomas Fehlmann - Löwenzahnzimmer This whole album is just rich, slowly pulsing, & rhythmic bass. Similar vibes to Claro Intelecto & Andy Stott.

Jaden - Ninety 🔗

alternative hip hop
Jaden - Ninety along with a bonus, the electric version.

Machinedrum - A View of U

Machinedrum - A View of U The new Machinedrum album, with tracks spanning across quite a number of genres. A few handpicks:

  • Star liquid dnb
  • Sleepy Pietro dnb - probably my favourite track from the project.
  • 1000 Miles liquid dnb - a track with Sub Focus & Machinedrum would obviously be killer👌 lovely liquid nostalgic feels.

Omar Apollo 🔗

r&b pop
Omar Apollo Shoutout to the homie Sindiso for the plug here.

Alfa Mist, Emmavie - Fly Away 🔗

alternative r&b hint of lofi
Alfa Mist, Emmavie - Fly Away

Johannes Brecht - Lois 🔗

techno opening/closing
Johannes Brecht - Lois I love the crunchy and all up in your face percussion. It still manages to sit so well in the stereo.

|||||||||||||||||||| - Life At Superposition 🔗

electronica idm
|||||||||||||||||||| - Life At Superposition this is probably a repeat track, but whatever, lol. It's still a highlight.

Bonus tracks: Hillzy - Chisikana

The first two tracks from this album have been on rotation since release, quality stuff.