24 September, 2020
Guide Fari

Extended Thoughts(Thursday 24 September)

Refactoring UI

I read this book about a week ago, and made a few quick notes as I was going through it. I'll attempt to expand on a couple of the notes if necessary. The book's website also has some interesting bits.

  • on font color, pick a dark and two greys. ie primary, secondary, tertiary. Remember, grey looks weird if the background is coloured. Elaborated on point 2 of this article.
  • instead of using grey text on colored background, use a new color that's based on the background color. explained further in the next point

    Making the text closer to the background color is what actually helps create hierarchy, not making it light grey. - Steve Schoger

  • two font weights for UI is enough. I'm pretty sure most of my earlier projects used more than two font weights, hehe awkward.
  • use don't size as last resort, when trying to establish hierarchy - Also spoken about in the article above, it's the first point mentioned.
  • ditch hex for hsl. taking the use case above as an example, use the same hue and adjust saturation and lightness until I find my 'grey' replacement color.
  • when designing buttons: primary, secondary, tertiary.
  • align font to baseline not center, most notably if you're using different font sizes close to each other.