23 September, 2020
Guide Fari

Tailwind Resources

  1. generate tailwind color palette
  2. Meraki UI
  3. Tailblocks
  4. Creative Tim
  5. tailwindcomponents
  6. Awesome tailwind
  7. kutty - this has header components with nice hamburger menu.
  8. theme switcher example code
  9. tailwind play - New tool from Tailwind Labs.
  10. Kitwind - A whole bunch of components(130+), written as HTML, Vue, & React😎
  11. Tails/Devdojo - more components
  12. TailwindUI - HTML components, courtesy of Steve Schoger & Adam Wathan. Some free components here, but mostly paid stuff.

note to self: make a default tailwind config file. perhaps a boilerplate for Nextjs & Gatsby, that's suited to my needs.